We are also associated with Contract Research Organization that works for drug development across the world with major clients in Europe, Asia and Africa, following GCP guidelines and within our customer’s budget and timelines. Our Clients includes Pharma companies, ayurveda companies, Nutraceutical, Medical devices Manufacturers and research labs.
We ensure timely and accurate regulatory board submission and data collection.
We provide ongoing and effective communication between Sites, Investigators, and Customers.
We provide access to a large patient study population.
http://www.mgcts.org/clinicaltrials.html We do trials according to GCP guidelines in timelines and without compromising patient's health.
Drug Development Specific to Herbal and Nutraceutical only. From Ingredient to the finished drugs/supplement.
Preclinical Studies We do animal studies as pre clinical basis for conventional medicines or for Cosmetics. 
BA/BE Study We are tied up with USFDA inspected Labs to run Ethical BA/BE Studies with regular Audit from us. 
Pharmacovigilance Proper monitoring for ADR is done with transparency to Sponsor.
http://www.mgcts.org/HUT.html Cost-effective, within Timelines, specially for Fitness Equipments
We can supply many more products other than the above, please contact us for all your requirements. Kindly Contact us for all your requirements.